WebFOCUS 8207 Release Notes

WebFOCUS 8207 is available for new application development in the cloud. It represents a major advance in ease of use and contains many advanced features, as detailed in the WebFOCUS Release Notes topic.

Incremental releases of WebFOCUS 8207 will be available approximately every two weeks and will include both maintenance and new features. 

As you use WebFOCUS, be sure to check out the release resources in the KnowledgeBase. You can use the search to find information about a specific feature of capability. These topics and technical videos will support you as you perform specific tasks, so you can be successful with WebFOCUS as quickly as possible.

Use the tree below to browse what's new and improved, release considerations you should know, fixes, system requirement, and changes you'll need to know to jump right in to your application development. For a consolidated view of all 8207 Release Notes, click here