Accessing Data

Changing Metadata Classification Values When Uploading Data Files

When uploading a data file, you can view the recommended metadata classification values for each character-valued column. You can choose to keep the recommended values, or to change them.

Including classification values in your data improves the accuracy of mapping column tables correctly to each other. This is useful if you are integrating data from multiple sources, or if integrating data into a system with a predefined hierarchy. When creating unions from different data sources, the metadata classification algorithm will match columns with similar data.

Preparing and Managing Data

After uploading or connecting to data by clicking Get Data from the Reporting Server browser interface, you can return to the Reporting Server browser interface to prepare or manage more data, or if you choose, visualize your data in WebFOCUS Designer.

From the WebFOCUS start page, click Applications Directories, or, from the Home Page, click the plus menu , and then click Prepare and Manage Data.

Changing a Target Application When Uploading Files

When using Get Data to upload a file, with appropriate permission, you can override the default Application setting where the synonym is created by selecting an application folder from your current application path.

Procedure: How to Change a Target Application

When uploading an Excel or delimited file to create a synonym, you can select an application folder and specify where your synonym is created.

Video: How to Connect to Data

It’s easy to connect to various data sources and create synonyms, or add or change adapter connections. 

Then use your data for content creation or further analysis.

From the Home page, click the Get Data button.

The Get Data dialog opens. 

Depending on your version of WebFOCUS and your permissions, you may have the option to configure a new adapter.

Let’s configure a new adapter. 

You can search for an adapter by category or keyword.

Right-click an adapter and click Configure.