Adapter Administration PDF

This content describes how to configure adapters and create synonyms for accessing data.

Adapter Administration PDF

Describes how to configure WebFOCUS adapters.

Adapter Administration PDF

This manual describes the configuration and management of Adapters. It is intended for database administrators and application developers.

Adapter for Db2

The Adapter for Db2 can now be configured to use JDBC in addition to CLI and CAF. Any user having problems configuring the adapter to use CLI can now avoid those problems by configuring the adapter using JDBC.

For more information, see Chapter 19, Using the Adapter for Db2 in the Adapter Administration documentation.

Adapter for Presto™

The Adapter for Presto™ is a distributed SQL query engine designed to query large data sets. The adapter converts application requests into JDBC calls and returns optimized answer sets to the requesting application. For example, a user with data in Hadoop® can use Presto to access that data, as it provides much faster access than Hive™ and other alternatives.

For more information, see Chapter 77, Using the Adapter for Presto in the Adapter Administration documentation.

Python Functions Distributed With the Adapter for Python

The following python statistical functions are distributed with the Adapter for Python.

In the Reporting Server Synonym Editor, these functions are available when you create an expression. Right-click a measure field, point to New Expression, and click Apply Function or Advanced Expression. Click post-aggregation to gain access to the Python Statistical functions, as shown in the following image.