Building Portals

Exploring Retail Samples Using the Mobile Viewer

If you are licensed for WebFOCUS Mobile products, then you can use the Mobile Viewer to access content from any folder in your WebFOCUS repository from a simple, touch-based interface.

Access the following URL from your mobile device:




Is the host name or IP address of the system that is hosting WebFOCUS.


Is the port number used by WebFOCUS on the deployed system.

Importing Sample Users and Exploring Retail Samples

This section describes how to import several sample users for testing/verification purposes and further explore the Retail Samples content.

Procedure: How to Import Sample Users and Explore Retail Samples

  1. Ensure that you are signed in to WebFOCUS as an Administrator.
  2. On the WebFOCUS Home Page, open the Settings menu and then click Security Center, as shown in the following image.

    opening the Security Center

    The Security Center opens.

Testing the Designer Portal User Experience

Before you can announce the availability of the portal for general use, you must first ensure that the appropriate theme and logo are assigned to the portal for users from each tenant group.

Remember that the portal fails to display content properly when you run it in the centralized enterprise workspace. You must base your testing on how the portal appears to users from each tenant group, not in the centralized workspace.