Sharing Content

Video: How to Share Content

Now that we’ve created pages in our portal, let’s see how it looks.  Notice that each page is listed on the toolbar, and menus allow us to access pages in different folders.

You may notice that when you run a portal, a fixed URL is used. Anyone that has this URL can access your portal. This allows you to protect sensitive information and share it only with a specific group of users that you define.  

Getting Started With WebFOCUS InfoSearch

Before you can begin to interact with InfoSearch, the WebFOCUS Administrator or Domain Developer in your organization must ensure that the InfoSearch settings are enabled correctly, and identify the data values that will be indexed for your queries, so that at least one domain has a corresponding index with dimensional data. A WebFOCUS software license that includes InfoSearch is also required.

There are three different types of users that can support or interact with InfoSearch: