Using the WebFOCUS Mobile App

Using the Mobile App for iOS and Android

This content describes how to use the TIBCO WebFOCUS® Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Introducing the TIBCO WebFOCUS® Mobile App

The WebFOCUS® mobile app is a simple, intuitive app that empowers users to perform reporting and analysis right from their mobile devices. The WebFOCUS mobile app delivers rich, deep, highly interactive analytic functionality, fully exploiting the native device gestures that are already familiar to the user. With the WebFOCUS app, you can manipulate data from a variety of sources in an almost unlimited number of ways in just a couple of taps. The app allows you to manage business dashboards and content, even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Navigating the Home Page on a Mobile App

The Home Page is the default landing page that opens when you first sign in to WebFOCUS from the WebFOCUS app, as shown in the following image.

The Home Page serves as a centralized place for viewing and sharing content, and performing searches. There are several interface and functionality changes that occur when you navigate the Home Page on the WebFOCUS mobile app, allowing you to view the content saved in your environment.

Configuring the Mobile App

To download WebFOCUS mobile app on an iOS device, simply type webfocus in the search field in the App Store and choose the WebFOCUS app.

On an Android™-based device, connect to the Google Play store, navigate to the WebFOCUS mobile app, and tap Install.

Once the app is installed on your device, you can start configuring a connection to your WebFOCUS environment.

Prerequisites to Using the WebFOCUS Mobile App

To perform online analytics, you must connect to the Wifi network that your company uses or configure a VPN connection on a remote device.