Getting Started With WebFOCUS Designer 8205

These getting started videos are designed to support your success with WebFOCUS Designer 8205. Access the YouTube playlists or view the .mp4 videos.  

You can also browse WebFOCUS 8205 content by category here

Playlist #1: Introducing WebFOCUS Designer

Quickly learn about WebFOCUS Designer key features.

Playlist #2: Using the Home Page

Take a quick tour of the WebFOCUS Designer Home page and learn how to organize your WebFOCUS content.

Playlist #3: Working With Data

Learn how to upload or connect to your data and quickly enable data analysis. 

Playlist #4: Creating Content (Part I)

Now that you have connected to your data, learn how easy it is to begin creating content with WebFOCUS Designer.

Playlist #5: Creating Content (Part II)

Take a deeper dive into your data to unlock even more insights by focusing on analytics in WebFOCUS Designer.

Playlist #6: Customizing Content

Take advantage of WebFOCUS Designer's customization options to maximize your organization's success. 

Playlist #7: Adding Content to a Page

Learn innovative ways of using your content and incorporating it into your WebFOCUS Designer pages.

Playlist #8: Distributing Content for Collaboration

Share your WebFOCUS content with your team to enable collaboration and with your customers to inform and engage.