Getting Started With WebFOCUS 8207

These getting started videos are designed to support your success with WebFOCUS 8207. Access the YouTube playlists or view the .mp4 videos.  

Playlist #1: Introducing WebFOCUS 8207

Watch these getting started videos, so you can begin using WebFOCUS 8207 now.

Playlist #2: Key Features

Quickly learn about WebFOCUS key features in Release 8207.

Playlist #3: Using the WebFOCUS Home Page

Learn how to use the WebFOCUS Home Page to organize your WebFOCUS content.

Playlist #4: Working With Data

Learn how to upload or connect to your data and quickly enable data analysis.

Playlist #5: Creating Content

Learn how easy it is to begin creating content with WebFOCUS.

Playlist #6: Customizing Content

Take advantage of customization options in WebFOCUS to maximize your organization's success.

Playlist #7: Adding Content to a Page

Learn innovative ways of using your WebFOCUS content and incorporating it into pages.