Installation and Configuration

How to Test for Tech Preview Localization Features Before Running the 8207.28 Upgrade in Place Operation

If your organization installed a Tech Preview of the ApplicationProperties, DescriptionProperties, or TagProperties feature before upgrading to WebFOCUS Release, you must remove these features, the Tech Preview flags, and any data associated with them before you can run the upgrade to 8207.28.00.

Configuring WebFOCUS Help

As of Release 8207.26, WebFOCUS Help is configured, by default, to use Online Help that is hosted by our servers. This Help configuration is applied for new installations or when upgrading from an earlier release. The installation package no longer includes the help files, which greatly reduces the installation file size and time required to install and configure the software.

Benefits include:

Verifying Downloaded Files

The software download page provides download links for obtaining the installation package and other supporting files that may be available for each product.

All files posted on the download site are signed by the release manager, using the SHA-512 algorithm. SHA-512 checksums are available, along with the files (file.sha512).

File hashes are used to check that a file has been downloaded correctly.