305S8207: Scheduling and Distributing TIBCO WebFOCUS Content (Self-Study)

This self-study course will show you how to schedule the distribution of TIBCO WebFOCUS® reports, files, or the contents of a URL, using the WebFOCUS® report delivery engine (ReportCaster). You can send the output in a variety of formats via FTP, printer, or email, to a repository or to the Report Library. You will also learn how to configure ReportCaster and enable users to automatically create schedules to distribute output to specified recipients.

Using the Performance Log to Track Schedule Performance

You can use the performance log to analyze the resource utilization of schedules with ReportCaster. This log records the processing duration of individual schedules and schedule components.

To access the performance log, navigate to the ReportCaster Console. On the ribbon, in the Manage Server group, click the Server Status tab. Then click the Server Log drop-down arrow to view the Server Log menu.

Tracking Schedules Using Log Reports

Information about a schedule, such as date, time, execution status, and recipients of a distributed job, can be accessed by running a log report and checking the job status in the ReportCaster Status. You can also analyze the resource utilization of schedules.

Log reports are stylized HTML format and appear in a separate browser window. You can search, print, or save the log report. The log report displays information according to your specifications in a separate browser window. One log record is produced for each scheduled job run in the specified time frame.

Publishing Schedules

A published schedule is visible to all users with access to the folder in which it resides. The shortcut menu options that appear on the schedule depend upon the privileges of the user that is signed in. For example, a user with the Run privilege is able to run the published schedule. When a published schedule runs, it runs as the creator of the schedule and not as the signed in user that initiated the run.

Editing Schedules

Maintaining a schedule allows you to edit schedule properties or delete the schedule when it is no longer needed. If a schedule contains properties that you want to use in a new schedule, the duplicate or copy option creates a template with those properties for the new schedule. You can also check the status of a schedule and run a log report to obtain detailed information about the schedule.

From the Resources tree, you can edit the schedules you are authorized to access.

Scheduling Content

TIBCO WebFOCUS® enables you to use schedules to distribute reports to multiple recipients. A schedule enables you to specify when to run a report, the format in which to create the output, and how it will be distributed. You can create Basic and Advanced schedules, maintain saved schedules, and review schedule information before and after the distribution of your report.