WebFOCUS Application and Enterprise Editions

Filtering Data in Profile Bar Charts

From the Web Console, when viewing data profile charts in a data flow, you can select one or more values to see how your selection affects the other fields. This allows you to preview how a filter will affect your data, before you create a filter in the data source. You can then use your selection to create a permanent filter that includes or excludes the selected fields when your data is loaded into a target.

Creating Data Flows

Data flows allow you to extract information from data sources, and load it into data targets for future analysis and use. You create data flows from the Web Console by right-clicking an application folder or synonym, and selecting the Flow shortcut menu option to open the data flow canvas.

You can build a data flow from a set of objects that identify data sources, data columns to include, and data targets. A flow is loaded to form a data warehouse, data mart, or any other type of target, containing only the data you need.

Video: How to Review Application Log Files

Hello. In this video, we are going to show you the Application Log Files page. This feature is available in WebFOCUS Release 8204 and higher. 
This page captures logs generated by application utilities, such as change management imports, portal conversions, or database upgrades. 
By placing links to application utility logs on a single page in the Administration Console, WebFOCUS makes it easy to locate, open, and review logs recording the events that occurred during the most recent runs of your application utilities.
Let’s get started. 

Video: How to Manage the Data Values Cache

Welcome to this video to demonstrate a new feature, and help understand how it works. This video will explain how to use the Data Values Application Cache.
In order to see the impact of this cache, we will turn on Session Viewer traces. So, from the Administrator menu on the Home Page, we will select Tools, Session Viewer.
This is the Session Viewer, and we will set the tracing level to DEBUG. We will now activate the Data Values Cache using its settings in the Administration Console. 
Let’s open another Administration Console. 

Creating HTML5 Charts With WebFOCUS Language PDF

Describes syntax for creating HTML5 charts.

WebFOCUS Security and Administration Best Practices PDF

This content describes the best practices for WebFOCUS security and administration. It is intended for WebFOCUS administrators.

Video: WebFOCUS Designer Content Enhancements

WebFOCUS Designer makes it easy to enhance your content by providing additional content creation and customization options.  You can create calculated fields using an expanded set of functions, allowing you to manipulate your data in nearly endless ways. You can also filter your report using aggregated measure and dimension fields and use a slider to select values for those filters in a page. Once you’ve created your content, you can then output it in a variety of browser-based and standard office suite formats, and even allow users to select the format that they want to use.

WebFOCUS Fixed-In Report PDF

Provides descriptions of the fixes for WebFOCUS Release 8206.

This information is now accessible from the 8206 Release Notes topics.

WebFOCUS New Features PDF

WebFOCUS includes key features and enhancements across the product line. Through continued innovation and the expansion of our unyielding commitments to support our customers, Information Builders will work in partnership to help ensure your success with WebFOCUS and beyond.

This information is now accessible from the 8206 Release Notes topics.