WebFOCUS Application and Enterprise Editions

Applying Themes to Portals

You can apply themes to a WebFOCUS BI portal to customize its look and feel. Themes can be
applied to new portals inside the New Portal dialog box or to existing portals inside the Edit
Portal dialog box. A theme affects the look of the entire set of elements of the portal, including
colors, opacity, and typeface styles.

There are three themes that WebFOCUS offers:

Video: How to Configure a Custom WebFOCUS Home Page

Hello. In this video we would like to show the Redirect /ibi_apps setting and the set of options it contains that allow administrators to configure where they want to direct users when they sign into WebFOCUS. 
The location defined in these options applies to all users, regardless of whether they sign into WebFOCUS from the main sign-in page, a custom sign-in page, or the sign-in page of a pre-authentication provider.
The WebFOCUS Home Page contains many new features and uses a modern design that works well on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Video: How to Manage Automatic Sign-outs

Hello, and welcome to this new feature video. This video will introduce you to the new session timeout settings, which are new as of WebFOCUS Release 8.2 Version 04.
Settings on the BI Portals page of the Administration Console Configuration tab help you configure a user-friendly session time-out experience that keeps your operations secure and minimizes user inconvenience.
Idle sessions expose potentially sensitive data and system resources to unauthorized use. Like other applications, WebFOCUS automatically ends an idle session after a specified amount of time. 

Personalizing Default Values for Filter Controls

You can personalize default values for filters in a page based on users or conditions. This feature uses the amper (&&) global variable to specify the default option for a filter control. For example, you can set the Region value for a user, using the && global variable, and link it to the filter control to show their region as the selected value.

Procedure: How to Personalize Default Values for Filter Controls

WebFOCUS Fixed-In Report PDF

This topic provides descriptions of the fixes for WebFOCUS Release 8205.

WebFOCUS Release Guide PDF

This topic describes relevant release information for WebFOCUS Release 8205.

WebFOCUS Release Notes PDF

These topics provide current product limitations and known issues for WebFOCUS and Reporting Server Release 8205. 

WebFOCUS New Features PDF

WebFOCUS includes key features and enhancements across the product line. Through continued innovation and the expansion of our unyielding commitments to support our customers, Information Builders will work in partnership to help ensure your success with WebFOCUS and beyond.