How to run a template using RESTful web services


Product: WebFOCUS Application and Enterprise Editions
Release: 8205
Primary OS: Windows
Solution Date:


How to run a template using a RESTful web services.


Here is an example where all the parameters are included in the URL:

http://host/ibi_apps/rs?IBIRS_action=run&IBIRS_fileName=ibiEnterpriseDomainApp&IBIRS_vars=<object _jt="HashMap"><entry><key _jt="string" value="name"/>
<value _jt="string" value="name"/></entry><entry><key _jt="string"
value="desc"/><value _jt="string" value="description"/></entry></object>&IBIRS_args=__null&IBIWF_SES_AUTH_IRS

Please note that name is the name of the domain you are creating and description is the description. The &IBIRS_fileName parameter has the value of the name of the template you wish to run.