How to write data to a HOLD file under Adapters in the Uploading Data page


Product: App Studio Product: WebFOCUS Home Page
Release: 8207
Primary OS: Windows
Solution Date:


How to write data to a HOLD file under Adapters in the Uploading Data page.


You can import an Excel or CSV file and store it as a HOLD file.

To accomplish this in WebFOCUS:

  1. Launch WebFOCUS.
  2. Click the + icon and click Prepare and Manage Data.
  3. Click Get Data.  There you can see the Advanced Mode.

To accomplish this in App Studio:

  1. Launch App Studio.
  2. Click the Create option in the Home tab ribbon.
  3. Select any App path folder.
  4. Right-click Excel and click Upload data.
  5. Select the Excel file and click Open.
  6. Click the Load button and select the adapter drop-down. There you can create the HOLD file.