8206.38 Release Notes

The following topic provides all the information that you need to know about this release of WebFOCUS.

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  • The Upload Data menu option can't be used to create Hyperstage tables manually. (02076812)
  • The cursor is now correctly positioned for Japanese half-width katakana characters appearing in the text editor. (02034777)
  • Existing reports created in InfoAssist run as expected outside of InfoAssist, but generate errors when later reopened in InfoAssist. (02086978)
  • WebFOCUS Report and Portal performance is negatively impacted when Resource Analyzer is enabled. (02011953, 02021579, 02021901, 02022235, 02029596, 02029761, 02031436, 02046790)
  • Changes to the sort order made after running an AHTML report with a NOPRINT column are not reflected in the report after if is exported from Active Reports to Excel. (02040970) 
  • Hold files that use DEFINE fields and a PRINT * syntax are not created and the fex gets an error. (02059394) 
  • After upgrading from WebFOCUS Release 8206.27 to Release 8206.32, reports opened in InfoAssist cause the program to become unresponsive. (02065358)
  • InfoAssist cannot find some fields when opening an existing report. (02067039) 
  • Opening an existing InfoAssist report and changing the format from HTML to File hangs Tomcat's CPU. (02087067)
  • Re-architect Embedding Graphs in Documents for enhanced Security Deployments.
  • Support for HTMLENCODE=ON in JSCHART graphs was implemented.   
  • The SQL DB2 SET USERID xxxxx line is not being honored in procedures. (02030771)
  • Cannot save a schedule when a procedure includes a parameter with a FIND clause. (02032979)
  • App Studio - Unable to enter specific values ​​in the calendar control. (02063335)
  • App Studio - Saving a previously saved parameter with the same name does not generate a prompt warning that you will overwrite the current value. (02052989)
  • App Studio - Selecting a drop-down list before loading the values in Save Parameters does not load the values. (02034550) 
  • App Studio - When using the SET HINT OPTION command, a procedure opens a new tab rather than loading in the frame. (02032469)
  • InfoAssist - Field not found message in release 8206 and 8207 on edit report after an upgrade from 8105. (02082655)
  • The home page loading process stops responding when users attempt to sign in after an open subfolder was deleted by another user in a previous session. (02042548, 02068976)
  • Fields do not display in the query panel after a JOIN when two-part file name setting is disabled. (02050826)
  • Cannot edit a chart when created from a HOLD file with format PNG or HTML. (02034803)

Browser Information

This release is certified and has been tested with Google Chrome version 94, Firefox version 92, Microsoft Edge Chromium version 89 (WebFOCUS only).

Effective April 1, 2021, all new releases of TIBCO WebFOCUS® following Release 8207.27.0 will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 as a certified browser. For the full statement, see here.