Assigning Tags to Content Items

To refine a search for content within a workspace or folder in your repository, you can assign tags to content items. These tags provide additional search criteria that you can use to identify related content items quickly. Tags are turned off by default and display as a column in the list view.

Procedure: How to Assign Tags to Content

  1. Right-click a content item that you want to assign to a tag, and then click Properties.

    The Properties panel opens.

  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Tags field, type the name of your tag, and then click Save.

    To test the tag you assigned to the item, perform a search. The tag and item should appear in the search results. An example of a Product tag is shown in the following image.

    You can assign multiple tags to a single item, by separating them with a comma, as shown in the following image.