Creating a Centralized Portal for Common Use

The centralized portal contains all of the links to data sources and content that will be available to tenant users. Content pages, based on a portal template that uses a symbolic reference to tenant_theme.css files, make information available to all users in the appropriate format.

Enter the IBFS Symbolic Path to the variable style sheet file in the Custom Theme CSS field of the centralized portal. Because you are using an IBFS path that points to the same location in each different workspace, ensure that you use the same location for the logo and theme files in each tenant workspace.

How to Create a Centralized Portal With a Symbolic Reference to Tenant Theme Files

  1. On the WebFOCUS Home Page, navigate to the Workspaces view.
  2. In the Resources tree, expand the workspace for the centralized portal.
  3. Select the Other tab in the action bar, and then select Collaborative Portal to open the New Portal dialog box.
  4. Type a descriptive title for the portal in the Title field.

    As you type, WebFOCUS automatically assigns the value you type in the Title field, adjusted to conform to IBFS rules, to the Name field. You can edit or replace this value with a custom name if required.

    WebFOCUS also automatically assigns the appropriate IBFS Path to the portal, based on the location of the workspace and the title you enter, to the Path field, and an external version of the path that does not begin with the IBFS parameter in the URL field.

  5. Enter a short name to reference your portal in the Alias field.
  6. Select Create to store these values and create the portal.
  7. On the ribbon, in the Themes group, select Theme and enter the following path to the location of the theme file in the Custom Theme CSS field:




    Is the opening path that identifies the IBFS system, the WebFOCUS Content subsystem, and the Repository where all content folders are located within the IBFS system.


    Is the variable that redirects the path to the primary tenant workspace group to which the user working with the portal belongs.


    Is the remaining path within each tenant workspace to the file containing the theme for members of that tenant group.

    Note: You can confirm the validity of the path you use in this field by reviewing the path assigned to the tenant workspace folders in the Properties panel.

  8. Select remaining options, and add pages and other resources as described in Business Intelligence Portal technical content.
  9. When your configuration is complete, save your changes and close the Portal Designer window.