Distribution Options

The Distribution tab in the Basic Scheduling tool provides the options available for distributing the report output for the scheduled report procedure (FEX). After selecting the option from the shortcut menu of a procedure, you can distribute a report output using one of the following methods.

  • Email
  • FTP
  • Printer
  • Report Library
  • Repository


  • Distribution methods can be limited globally (for all users) in configuration and for groups or individual users by security operations.
  • Distribution of a Repository report can be limited to the Report Library by selecting the Restrict Schedule to Library Only property. For more information, see Restricting Distribution of Reports to the Report Library.
  • Maps can be distributed to the Library and Repository only. Maps distributed by Email or FTP do not open correctly.
  • If you want to remove trailing spaces from reports distributed in text format, your administrator needs to add the following setting to the Administration Console Custom Settings text box: IBIWF_trimreport=YES. You can also apply this setting to affect specific report formats, for example, IBIWF_trimreport=WP.