Editing Schedules

Maintaining a schedule allows you to edit schedule properties or delete the schedule when it is no longer needed. If a schedule contains properties that you want to use in a new schedule, the duplicate or copy option creates a template with those properties for the new schedule. You can also check the status of a schedule and run a log report to obtain detailed information about the schedule.

From the Resources tree, you can edit the schedules you are authorized to access.

Procedure: How to Edit a Schedule

  1. Right-click the schedule you want to edit and select Edit.

    Note: The Email and Print distribution methods support multiple tasks.

  2. Make the required changes to the schedule.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Procedure: How to Copy a Schedule

For your convenience, you can copy an existing schedule for use as a template to create a new schedule. The copied schedule is created as disabled because it is a duplicate schedule.

Note: The cut, copy, and paste options display when you are authorized to use these options.

  1. In the Workspaces area, click the workspace or folder that contains the schedule you want to copy.
  2. Right-click the schedule you want to copy and click Copy.
  3. Right-click the workspace or folder you wish to copy the schedule into and click Paste.

Procedure: How to Delete a Schedule in the Basic Scheduling Tool

From the Resources tree, you can delete schedules using the following procedure.

Note that the Delete option displays when you are authorized to delete the selected schedule.

  1. Right-click the schedule you want to delete and click Delete.

    Note: To select multiple schedules, use the Shift key and Ctrl key as in a standard Windows interface. A message appears asking to confirm if you want to delete the selected schedules.

  2. Click OK to delete the schedule or schedules.