Enabling and Sharing Personal Pages

Personal pages are created at run time by the user and allow the new level of versatility in a way users organize and use portals. Personal pages remain visible only to the user that created them unless the user shares them. Personal pages reside inside the My Pages folder in the repository.

Procedure: How to Enable Personal Pages

  1. From the WebFOCUS Home Page, in the Workspaces view, in the Resources tree, select the workspace or folder where you want to create the portal, click the Application tab in the Action Bar, and then click Portal.

    The New Portal dialog box opens.

  2. Select Create My Pages menu.
  3. Make the remaining selections for the new portal, and then click Create.

    The new portal is created in the specified workspace or folder.

  4. Publish the portal.

    Note: This step is crucial for activating the My Pages menu.

    The personal pages are now enabled and can be added by users at run time.

Procedure: How to Use Personal Pages

  1. Run the portal in which personal pages are enabled.
  2. Click My Pages, and then click the + icon to add a new page.

    Note: Depending on your navigation layout, the My Pages area can display as a tab or as a banner link.

    The New Page dialog box opens, as shown in the following image, where you can select a template and link to an existing standalone page in the repository.

  3. Click a template of your choice.

    The page displays a series of interactive panels, as shown in the following image.

  4. Add content to the panels.
  5. If parameterized content is added to a page, optionally, click the Show filters button to display available filters.

    The Selections dialog box opens where you can apply filters to your content.

  6. Double-click the Page Heading and type a new title for your personal page.
  7. Optionally, double-click the page title in the sidebar and type a new title.
  8. To share the page with other users, click the Share button.

    The Share with Others dialog box opens.

  9. Type the names of users and groups with which you want to share your personal page and click OK.

    The page is now available to the specified users and the Share button changes color to blue.

  10. To revoke access to the page, click the Share button again.

    The Share with Others dialog box opens where you can remove users or groups from the sharing list.

    Note: If your sharing privilege does not allow you to open the Share with Others dialog box, you can share or unshare your personal page simply by clicking the Share button. In this case, the page is shared with every user that has access to the workspace in which the portal resides.

  11. To delete the page, click the Delete button.