Searching Content (8207.28)

TIBCO WebFOCUS provides an intuitive search functionality that allows you to quickly access content across the repository. Using a text bar found in the Home, Portals, and Workspaces areas of your WebFOCUS start page, you can enter a search term to quickly display all content items that match that term. The interactive search engine updates the suggestions as you type, so you can find the desired item fast.

With the WebFOCUS search feature, you can:

  • Search for keywords across your repository.
  • View the entire list of items that match a keyword, in a comprehensive list view.
  • Run Boolean search queries.
  • Use the Advanced Search option to narrow your search by applying multiple filters.

    Note: It is the best practice to opt for the Advanced Search feature when searching for items in large or hierarchically complex repositories. By narrowing the search query, you can significantly improve the response time of your search event and make your search results more precise.

Procedure: How to Run a Basic Search for a Keyword

  1. In the Search field, start typing a keyword.

    The search drop-down list immediately offers suggestions based on the characters entered into the Search field.

    Note: When you type within the search field, an X icon displays next to the Search options drop-down arrow. Click the X to clear the Search text box.

  2. Optionally select a workspace from the drop-down list on the right to narrow your search.

    Note: To search for a specific workspace, start typing the title of this workspace in the workspace selection field.

  3. Click an item in the search results drop-down list.

    The item runs in the viewer.

  4. To view all items that correspond to the search criteria, type the keyword and press Enter. Alternatively, click View all on the bottom of the drop-down list, as shown in the following image.

    All items that match the keyword display in a list view.

    In this view you can perform the following actions:

    • Switch to the Grid view by clicking the Switch to tile view icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    • Customize the number of columns displayed in the List view.
    • Run items from the search view.
    • Right-click the items that appear in the search results view to access a shortcut menu.
  5. To exit the search results list, click the back arrow next to the search results heading.

Procedure: How to Use the Advanced Search Option

  1. In the Search field, click the Advanced Search icon, as shown in the following image.

    The Advanced Search dialog box opens.

    Note: You can also open the Advanced Search dialog box by clicking the Advanced Search link in the lower left corner of the search results drop-down list.

  2. Optionally, select a workspace from the Workspaces drop-down list.
  3. Select a category from the drop-down list on the right and type a keyword in the search criteria field.

    You can choose from the following search categories:

    • Title
    • Summary
    • Tags
  4. To add more filters, click Add Condition, and then repeat the process.
  5. Make a selection between the Boolean AND and OR operators.

    The AND operator signifies that the search results must match all filtering conditions. Alternatively, use the OR operator to return search results that match any of the specified conditions. The OR operator is selected by default.

    An example of the completed Advanced Search query is displayed in the following image.

  6. Once you are happy with your selected criteria, click Search.

    All items that match your search criteria display in the list view.