Tracking Schedules in the Console

Information about a schedule, such as date, time, execution status, and recipients of a distributed job, can be accessed by running a log report and checking the job status.

Using Schedule Logs

Log reports enable you to view information about a distributed job, such as whether or not the job executed successfully, when the scheduled output was distributed, in what format the distributed output was sent, and the method of distribution. Log reports are stylized HTML format and display in a separate browser window. You can search, print, or save the log report. Log reports can be accessed within the scheduling tool when editing a schedule or by right-clicking on a schedule from the Resources tree.

The log file accumulates information. You should periodically purge log records to manage the number of log reports stored in the Repository, as well as the performance of log report information that is displayed.

The list in the right panel provides basic information about the job execution, including the job ID, the time the job started running, the amount of time it took to complete the execution of the job, and the general status of the job. To view a full log report for a job, double-click the job in the job list.