Visualizing Data

WebFOCUS Designer is a web-based development tool that you can use to quickly and easily create content from your data and use that content to create pages, within a single visualization or by assembling multiple distinct content items into a separate visualization. You can manage your data using data flows and use that data to create charts, reports, and interactive and responsive pages, all in one place.

Using WebFOCUS Designer, you can prepare raw data from a variety of sources in a data flow, and turn it into easily usable and understandable data sources for subsequent analysis. You can also join multiple data sources as if they were a single data source, and then create new content from your joined data. WebFOCUS Designer provides you with a simple, but powerful, set of features to create content directly within a visualization using a variety of chart types and tabular report layouts, allowing you to communicate the information in your data as effectively as possible. You can continue adding as much new content to a visualization as you want, each in its own container or grouped into multi-content containers using tab, accordion, or carousel behavior. Alternatively, you can create these pages using existing content such as charts, reports, images, and URLs that you have saved in your environment. With the interactive canvas, you can resize and rearrange resources in the visualization into your preferred layout. Additionally, interactive filter behavior allows you to control the display of data in the visualization with ease, and In-Document Analytic capabilities allow you to continue interacting with your content beyond design time.