Working With Slider Controls

A slider control is a horizontal track with a marker that you can slide between a minimum and maximum value. This versatile control is often used to choose a value within a fixed range. An example of a slider control is shown in following image.

Procedure: How to Create a Slider Control

  1. On the WebFOCUS Home Page, on the actions bar, click Report or Chart.

    The Open dialog box opens.

  2. Select a data source in the Open dialog box and click Open.

    InfoAssist opens.

  3. Create a report or chart.

    To learn more about creating content in InfoAssist, see the WebFOCUS InfoAssist User's Manual.

  4. On the Data tab, click Filter.

    The Create a filtering condition dialog box opens.

  5. Create two parameters representing minimum and maximum values and make them optional.

    In this example we create the minimum and maximum parameters for the MPG field in the car report. An example of the completed filtering condition is shown in the following image.

  6. Save your changes and exit InfoAssist.
  7. One the Home Page, right-click your new content item, and then click Edit with text editor.

    The Text Editor window opens.

  8. Edit the syntax by providing the data range values.

    An example of the modified syntax is shown in the following image.

  9. Save your changes and exit the Text Editor.
  10. In WebFOCUS Designer, in the Resource selector, drag your new content item to the canvas.

    The Quick Filter button appears on the toolbar with the badge icon showing two available filters.

  11. Click the Quick Filter button.

    The slider controls display in the filter grid, as shown in the following image.

  12. Optionally, combine two controls together. Multi-select both controls, right-click one of them, and then click Combine.

    Your controls are combined. You can edit the label to reflect your new combined control. An example of the combined slider control is shown in the following image.

  13. Save your changes.