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About This Release

WebFOCUS Release Notes

*WebFOCUS Release Guide

*WebFOCUS New Features

*WebFOCUS Fixed-In Report

Server New Features

Server Release Notes

*Note: WebFOCUS Release Guide, WebFOCUS New Features, and WebFOCUS Fixed-In Report are now consolidated into the WebFOCUS Release Notes PDF, which is updated with every new, incremental release. 

Installation, Configuration, and Migration

WebFOCUS Integrated Installation 

Server Installation

Using WebFOCUS

Using WebFOCUS 


Adapter Administration

Adding Content to Pages

Using WebFOCUS

Creating Content

Using WebFOCUS

WebFOCUS InfoAssist User's Manual

Using In-Document Analytics User's Guide

Data Management

iWay DataMigrator User's Guide


ReportCaster Guide

Reporting Server

Server Release Notes

Server New Features

Server Installation

Server Administration

Adapter Administration 

Extender for Db2

Stored Procedure and Subroutine Reference for 3GL Languages

Security and Administration

WebFOCUS Security and Administration


Creating Reports With WebFOCUS Language

Deferred Report Administration

Describing Data With WebFOCUS Language

Developing Reporting Applications

Functions Reference

Managed Reporting

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) 

Reporting Language Primer

Using Functions