Converting an Existing WebFOCUS Installation to the Golden Key Configuration

In Release 8207.27.0, the new Golden Key license replaces the legacy License Key as the default product license. The Golden Key license is assigned to new product installations automatically, and the installation procedures do not prompt for a license key.

This new license policy is actually a lack of keys for features that previously required them. This also means there is no longer a differentiation between a Full Function Server, a WebFOCUS Server, and a Data Migrator Server.

This does not mean that all features are automatically enabled, as some features require configuration settings in order to be enabled, or they would cause overhead for a feature a customer might not want.

An upgrade of an existing pre-8207.27.0 Reporting Server installation only updates the software portion of a prior installation (files under EDAHOME), not the configuration portion (files under EDACONF). At Server or Client run-time, the 8207.27.0 (or higher) software will recognize the use of license keys for a prior configuration, and run with the applicable features enabled.

For WebFOCUS, you can manually enable the Golden Key after upgrading, by removing the following files from the /ibi/WebFOCUS82/config default folder:

  • license.cfg
  • wflcense.key

For the Reporting Server, you can manually convert the EDACONF configuration files to the Golden Key, if you desire.

It is recommended that you do the conversion on an existing 8207.27 or higher release, so that you have a prior release to use if the conversion is not completed. You can do the conversion with the server or client running, but if it is running, it must be restarted when you complete the steps.

Use the following steps to convert the configuration to the Golden Key configuration.

  1. Backup the following files under EDACONF, in case of conversion failure.
    • edaserve.cfg in the bin folder.
    • odin.cfg in the etc folder.
  2. Edit edaserve.cfg in the bin folder:
    • Remove the following lines:

      [Licenses] section label line.

      license = license_key line.

      All license_ feature = key lines, where feature is the code for the feature being licensed, and key is the license key for that feature.

    • Change workspace_manager_name to one of the following, depending on whether you installed a Reporting Server, a Data Migrator client, or an Open Visualization client.

      "WebFOCUS 82 Server"

      "WebFOCUS 82 DM Client"

      "WebFOCUS 82 ODBC Client"

    • Save the edaserve.cfg file.
  3. Edit the odin.cfg file in the etc folder:
    • Remove the ;enable CLM section label line.
    • Remove the LICENSE = key line.
    • Save the odin.cfg file.
  4. Start the server, or restart it if it is already running.