Providing Access to Content Items and WebFOCUS Tools

You can use the Explorer widget to provide access to the Workspaces view of the WebFOCUS Home Page from a page assembled from existing content in WebFOCUS Designer. This allows anyone accessing the page, or a portal containing the page, to open and run content items and create new content, depending on their privileges. In the Explorer widget, you can navigate through workspaces, folders, and content items from the Resources tree and Content area, and create new content using options on the Action bar.

Video: How to Use Source Control Management with WebFOCUS Home Page

In this video you will learn about the Source Control Management feature in WebFOCUS Home Page. 

Source Control allows you to sync items in your WebFOCUS workspace with the remote repository and enable multiple users to make updates simultaneously without conflicts.
To place the workspace under the source control management, make sure you have access to a remote repository. In this example we will be using GitHub. 

Create a new remote repository.

Working With Content Containers

When you add content to a page, it is automatically placed in a container. To move and resize the content item, move and resize the container into which it was placed by dragging the container or its resizing handles. You can also configure and style a container by selecting it on the page and then using the options on the Settings and Format tabs of the Properties panel. Note that the options for a container are separate from those for the content item inside the container. To select the container, click the container toolbar, or select a container from the Outline tab of the sidebar.

Controlling the File Compression of Interactive Reports

When creating interactive reports enabled with In-Document Analytics capabilities, you can use the ARCOMPRESS setting to modify file compression and generate output more quickly. You can only modify the file compression of interactive reports that use the Designer style of In-Document Analytics, identified by the setting ARVERSION=2. 

Syntax: How to Control File Compression to Improve Performance

To control the file compression of interactive reports that use In-Document Analytics, use



Migration PDF

This manual describes the tools for migrating from WebFOCUS 7.x releases, such as WebFOCUS 7.1.x, WebFOCUS 7.6.x, and WebFOCUS 7.7.x, to WebFOCUS 8207.

Information Builders Accessibility Conformance Report for WebFOCUS

This VPAT is limited to the run-time user scope of the WebFOCUS V5 Portal two-level top navigation with Designer pages and WebFOCUS-generated accessible documents when developing with the accessibility guidelines set forth in the Technical Content. It does not include content author (development) and administration interfaces.