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Supported Adapters for TIBCO WebFOCUS® 8207

View supported adapters, including supported operating systems for each adapter, for TIBCO WebFOCUS® Release 8207.

Supported Operating Systems for TIBCO WebFOCUS® 8207

View supported operating systems, including all supported adapters for each operating system, for TIBCO WebFOCUS® Release 8207.

TIBCO WebFOCUS Omni™ Adapters Quick Reference

TIBCO® adapters provide direct connectivity to specific database files, applications, special formats, and other information sources. This reference document identifies which adapters are standard versus premium.

Converting an Existing WebFOCUS Installation to the Golden Key Configuration

In Release 8207.27.0, the new Golden Key license replaces the legacy License Key as the default product license. The Golden Key license is assigned to new product installations automatically, and the installation procedures do not prompt for a license key.

This new license policy is actually a lack of keys for features that previously required them. This also means there is no longer a differentiation between a Full Function Server, a WebFOCUS Server, and a Data Migrator Server.