Prompting for DBMS Credentials at Runtime for Procedure and Upload

You can configure the server to prompt for user credentials on running a procedure and upload. First, you must enable this feature on the server by adding connections_autoprompt=y in the admin.cfg file.

This setting can be enabled from the Workspace page. Click Settings, Workspace SET, then Profile Settings. The Profile Settings page opens, as shown in the following image.

connections_autoprompt setting

Set connections_autoprompt to y.

When you configure an adapter connection, it will have the option "Auto Prompt Connection Credentials". If you set this to "y", the CONNECTION_ATTRIBUTES_EXT statement in the server profile will be updated with "auto_prompt": "y".

After this is set, the Run menu for the procedure will have a Run As option which will return all connections with "auto_prompt": "y" and open a dialog box for entering credentials.

For more information, see Chapter 1, Server Enhancements, in the Server New Features documentation.