Creating Tenant-Specific Portal Pages

If an individual tenant group needs one or more portal pages that are to be visible only to members of that group, create these pages within the tenant workspace and link to them from the main centralized portal. This limitation ensures that members outside of the tenant group will not see pages intended only for the tenant group.

Procedure: How to Create a Tenant-Specific Portal Page

  1. On the WebFOCUS Home Page, navigate to the Workspaces view.
  2. In the Resources tree, expand the tenant workspace to which you want to add a new portal page.
  3. On the actions bar in the content area, select the Other tab and then select Portal Page to open the Page Designer and the Add Page dialog box.
  4. Select a template, and then click Create to open the portal page in the Page Designer.
  5. Optionally, add content to the portal page.
  6. Select the same page template as that which will be used for the main portal.
  7. Type the name of the workspace in the Title field and accept the automatically-generated counterpart in the Name field.
  8. On the ribbon, in the Preview group, select Themes, and select Configure CSS Files.
  9. Select Browse next to the Custom Theme CSS field.
  10. In the Open – IBFS:/WFC … dialog box, navigate to the Hidden_Content folder for this workspace and select tenant_theme.css.
  11. Select Open to close the dialog box and assign the customized tenant theme to the tenant-specific portal page.
  12. Click OK to close the Portal Theme Files dialog box.
  13. Save and close the Page Designer.

    The new stand-alone portal page displays in the workspace. You can now copy, move, and link this portal page to portals

  14. Right-click the new page and select Publish.
  15. Repeat this procedure for every tenant workspace that will use tenant-specific portal pages.