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Classifying Metadata During Upload and Using it in a Data Flow

Metadata Classification examines your data and assigns classifications to the columns, which can then be used to match columns from separate data sources. In this release, you can classify data that you upload, and use it to match fields in a Union in a Data Flow.

When uploading a data file, you can now view the recommended metadata classification values for each character-valued column. You can choose to keep the recommended values, or to change them.

Processing Format Conversion Errors when Uploading Data

When uploading data from a delimited or Excel file, a format conversion error can occur, such as when a numeric field contains a non-numeric value. You have load options to control how to process rows that contain format errors, and to control how many format errors are allowed before processing stops.

The following conversion error load options are available when uploading files:

Preparing and Managing Data

After uploading or connecting to data by clicking Get Data from the Reporting Server browser interface, you can return to the Reporting Server browser interface to prepare or manage more data, or if you choose, visualize your data in WebFOCUS Designer.

From the WebFOCUS start page, click Applications Directories, or, from the Home Page, click the plus menu , and then click Prepare and Manage Data.

Video: How to Use Source Control Management with WebFOCUS Home Page

In this video you will learn about the Source Control Management feature in WebFOCUS Home Page. 

Source Control allows you to sync items in your WebFOCUS workspace with the remote repository and enable multiple users to make updates simultaneously without conflicts.
To place the workspace under the source control management, make sure you have access to a remote repository. In this example we will be using GitHub. 

Create a new remote repository.